Jake Freed

Jake is attempting to break Rob Thomson’s World Record (7,555 miles) skating the most continuous miles on a skateboard.    When Rob calculated his mileage this was over China, Europe and the US.   Rob’s cross-US portion was 3436 miles, so Jake is planning to double-back  (and maybe do some extracurricular miles)  to surpass the record.    From his blog it looks like Jake is already learning a lot.   In this ABC15 article he’s talking about 16 hour days but I’m pretty sure he’ll have to throw some rest in there!    Good luck Jake!!   Follow his adventure at



Crossing Boarders

Two Dutch guys skated through Spain for 3.5 weeks. They started in Valencia, and ended their trip in Barcelona. They filmed everything they came across, and they will edit all videos into a movie afterwards. Whenever they have internet, they will post short updates here:

Nick Donath & Stan Bekker



Skatefurther lists 10 of the Best Documented Skate Treks!


World on Board – Adventures of Adrian Oh

A shot of Adrian from his skate trek in Iceland. Adrian’s incredible journeys around the World continue.  From Nov 2014, he makes it to Adrenalina marathon in San Diego, then on to Cuba! Huge props to him for capturing shots, videos, and adventures with the people he meets. Subsonic Skateboards




“Advice to Planning your Long Distance Trip” – Adam Colton


Ultraskater completes third RSVP (2012) –


A-Cross America

A-Cross America is going from N.Y.C toward California on longboard.   Andrei Hippix (pictured on the right)  filled me in on the rough sketch plans.  Good luck guys!

“Our launch into the wilderness of America has approximate date which will be somewhere in May. Since we are part of this great community, we felt like it’s important to give back somehow while trying to get some support, so we are still in the middle of this whole planning and reaching out thing. Once it becomes more clear and we will know the date of our launch then I will let you know. We really wanted to make it to Ladiga race and if the time will be on our side, then we will be there!!!”


“At the beginning of July Jamie MacDonald and Alfie Wiener are going to Longboard from John O Groats to Lands End for Charity. We are planning to do this trip for two charities but we are still in the process of deciding which charities to help. We are going to try and complete this trip in about 20 to 25 days by skating about 40 to 60 miles in a day.”


“We are two guys who’ve both have been affected by the consequences of cancers in our lives and now want to draw attention to this by longboarding through Sweden, spreading information on how you can help us find a cure. What we want from this journey is to inform you how YOU can help yourself and others, and in different ways prevent cancer. We are currently in the planning stage but more information will follow. ”

Wishing you guys all the best in this trek!


PUSH to End Alzheimers

Thanks to everyone who participated and supported this event! We raised almost $2000 to help defeat Alzheimer’s Disease!

Second annual PUSH to End Alzheimer’s. A Distance Skate in downtown Charleston, WV to raise awareness, hope and funds to defeat Alzheimer’s disease. An event partnered with the Charleston Area “Walk to End Alzheimer’s”. Your participation is crucial in the fight. You can make the difference!

Although there is no registration fee for this event, we encourage all of our skaters to make a personal donation and raise money for the cause. Raise $30 or more and receive a Limited Edition Don Pendleton designed 2011 PUSH to End Alzheimer’s T-shirt (while supplies last). Take the first step toward reaching your fundraising goal by making a personal donation today.


Bristol Board Meeting, UK!

“This year we’re joining forces with Toronto and Paris Board Meetings to make it a truly International Event.”

More details on the forum


The Epic LONG TREKS Thread


The Round-the-World skateboarder Legend ROB THOMSON


Bustin Boards: Longboarding NYC


Sept 25th – 26th – Ultraskate 12!

Holland, Australia, UK, (US?)


Night Ride through Indianapolis – Garrett Wilson and Jeff Vyain


For the vast majority of us who don’t have the luxury of taking months off from work at a time, traveling entire continents on a skateboard is a dream. It’s awesome to see and support those that get out and do it — those adventures are listed here and on the pavedwave forum.


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