Check out SETUPS on the pavedwave forum to see how things have evolved.

More importantly – keep sharing your latest builds and thoughts!


A big Shout Out to hardcore distance and downhill skater Jeffrey Vyain, who has poured his heart and soul into PANTHEON boards over the years.

—  Support real skaters building boards!!








The original Gear page can still be found by means of the “Wayback Machine”:


Here are some video tutorials on How to set up for LDP.   ..

Odin MacKay’s version

Matt Zak’s version

FRENCH version

James Peters’ version – apologies in advance for the “high pitched sound” on the ones I created with a stupid old Nikon Coolpix camera — I learned from Amazon comments that many users have run across this bug.  Will work on some new vids.

But if you already basically know how to set up, at least check out #4 the “Jiggle Test” about bushings.  This is the most important of them all!

FAST bearing cleaning method  (after every rainy day ride)

Simple Green shake bearing cleaning for dirt-clogged / seized up bearings


GBOMB Evolution





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