2019 Pavedwave Events Calendar

Send me your submissions for upcoming races and I’ll post them to this page!


Miami Ultraskate – Miami, FL – Jan 19th/20th

20 bornes de Rouen 2019, France – April 20th

Spreewald Longboard Marathon – Burg/Spreewald, Germany – April 27th

Bedaihe, China 15k Push Race – May 2nd –


PUSHA – Italy – May 12th


Himmelfartsrollkommando, Oehna, Germany – May 30th/Jun 1st

Chief Ladiga, Georgia to Alabama, May 31st/Jun 2nd

Dutch Ultraskate – Spaarndam, NL – June 29th/30th

Skate Central Lakes 3 day Fest – Minnesota – July 19th/21st


Centennial Sk8Festival – Arlington, WA – August 17th/18th

Roaring Fork 100+ miles, CO – August 24th


No Name 33, CO – September 14th

Push in the Woods – Banks, OR – September 29th

Bear Creek 26.2, CO – October 5th


2018 Pavedwave Events Calendar

+ Events on the Pavedwave Forum:

Miami Ultraskate – Jan 19th/20th

The Green Bomb – Brooklyn, NY – April 28th

Himmelfahrtsrollkommando 2018 – Germany – May 10th

Pusha!  Italy – May 13th

P-Town Throwdown – Portland, OR – May 27th

Chief Ladiga – Georgia to Alabama and back – June 8th-10th

Dutch Ultraskate – Spaarndam, Netherlands – July 7th/8th

Seattle to Portland, WA – July 14th/15th

Centennial Sk8 Fest – Arlington, WA, USA – August 18th/19th

Push in the Woods – Banks, Oregon – September 30th



2017 Pavedwave Events Calendar

Jan 14 – Magic Mayhem Garage Race – Downtown Miami

Jan 16-17 – Miami 24-Hour Ultraskate

Feb 13th – Chief Ladiga Sk8Challenge Prep Webinar hosted by Marion Spears Karr!


March 11 – The CP 6.  9am-3pm, Central Park, NYC.  $10. Track by your own GPS/Phone.

April 1-2 – 12 and 24 Hour New Zealand Ultraskate


April 22 – Push Along the Mohawk – New York

April 22 – Roll for Noel, 2pm Columbus circle, Central Park

April 29 – Carve 4 Cancer Benefit Group Skate – New Jersey

May 12th –888 Pump Only Skateboard Race 2017 – Germany


May 13th – 8-mile Race/Fun Ride,  San Diego CA


May 13th – 6 hours of LDP – Keinbaum Germany

May 14th – 7th Annual Broad Street Bomb – Philadelphia PA

May 14th – Fläming Runde 2 – Germany

May 20th – Mill Race Push Race

May 27th – Longboard and Chill Push Race, etc. Seattle – Motion Boardshop

May 28th – P-Town Throwdown – Portland OR

June 2,3,4 – Chief Ladiga 188-Mile Challenge


June 17-18 – Knob Noster Knasty 2017 – Kansas City Missouri

June 17 – 20th Annual Longboard race – once around Central Park NYC

June 17 – Sk8 n’ B8 Night Race, Bush’s Pasture Park, Salem OR


June 24 – Maryhill RVOD G-Ride  (Downhill)

July 1st-2nd – Dutch Ultraskate 2017


July 1st-2nd – France Ultraskate  (with rollerbladers/inliners)

July 16 – Centennial 10k Fun Skate, Arlington WA

  • On Seattle Longboarder’s MeetUp page:
    11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
    Haller Park
    1100 West Ave, Arlington, WA

August 7 – The Boston SKATEathon 2

September 23-24 – Centennial Race, Arlington WA

  • Event page coming!

October 1st – Push in the Woods, Banks OR

  • Event page coming!

October 7-8  – Bend Beatdown, Bend, Oregon

  • Event page coming!

November 11th  – Adrenalina Marathon,  San Diego CA


2016 Pavedwave Events Calendar

Feb 26th – Miami FL – 24-hour Ultraskate



May 1st – Bend OR – The Bend Beatdown 5k and 10k



May 29th – Portland OR – 12th Annual P-Town Throwdown Push Race

PTown Throwdown Poster 2015

June 3rd-5th – Georgia to Alabama – CHIEF LADIGA

June 4th – Berlin Long Distance Skate

June 11th – Tradition Florida – Port St Lucie Push  #PushPSL

June 18thCopenhagen Skateboard Marathon

June 18th – Milano 20km Skateboard Marathon PUSHA!


June 25th-26th – Spaarndam Dutch 24-hour Ultraskate


June 25th – Maryhill UPhill Push Race

Race starts 8:30 a.m., $20 to race

July 4th – The Morro Bay Mile Skateboard Race 

9:30–10:30 a.m.
Morro Bay Skatelab Skateboard Museum
699 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, California 93442

July 16th – #PushPSL, Port St Lucie Florida Push Race



July 16th-17th – STP, Seattle to Portland

July 24th -The Ravenswood Rush – 11:00 am2:00 pm

A push race on the streets of Chicago. Exact distance and route will be announced 1-2 weeks before race day. (Will be between 8-12 miles)

August 13th-14th – RSVP, Ride from Seattle to Vancouver BC

August 28th, 10 a.m. Escape from Lacey – 4 mile downtown race, Lacey WA


September 4th –  Front Range “Church” Marathon – Lakewood, CO

Sun 7:30 AM in MDT ·

September 4th  – 50km DijkenSport skate – Beneden-Leeuwen

September 10th -Wisco Kikerz Pound the Pavement 2 – Richmond, Wisconsin

September 11th – 3rd Annual – Kick 4 Cancer – Philadelphia PA

September 24th-25th – Centennial Sk8 Festival, Arlington WA


5k, 8.5-mile, 14.5-mile open races, 1 mile kids race, film premiere, party!

September 25th – Philadelphia – 3rd annual Kick for Cancer


October 2nd – Banks, OR – Push in the Woods 


4th Annual Push In The Woods – 5K and 10K Skateboard Race.




9am – On site registration and check in begins and is located at the Banks trail-head on NW Banks Rd. and NE Sellers Rd.

10:30am – Warm-up skate to view the trail and arrive to the start of the 5K race.

11am – Start of 5K race.

The 10K race will begin 15 minutes after the conclusion of the 5K race.

November 5th – Dallas TX – Rock around the Rock

9.8 mile push race – Details coming

November 20th, 2016 – San Diego CA – Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon

December 3rd – Ian Tillman Sk8 Challenge Clermont, FL


2015 – pavedwave sabbatical


2014 Pavedwave Events Calendar 

The IDSA launches the first SBSX Skater-Cross course! + 1-mile, 5k, and 13.1-mile races!

Arlington, WA October 11th-12th 2014



Push in the Woods

Banks, OR  October 5th 2014



Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Challenge 2014

End of May/Start of June, the 4th year of this epic 3-day Stage Race

Register and read up on the details now!


Louisiana 111-Mile Skate

“Battle Through Da Bayou” – March 29th, 2014

Who:  Anyone crazy enough to skate 100+ miles in one day.

What: The challenge is a ultra skate for fun run that hopes to involve the Longboard community and grow the sport of distance skating in Louisiana.


2013 Pavedwave Events Calendar 

2013 CHIEF LADIGA 188-Mile Stage Race

YEAR THREE!  Registration is now OPEN.   An Epic race that has definitely blown minds and become an inspiration for skaters to push their limits in the months leading up to it.   The main cost is transportation / flight getting there and registration around $100.   The free camping keeps the costs low for those on a budget.   Chat it up with your friends family or sponsors and get pledged to go — you do NOT want to miss this!


Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon – SAN DIEGO – 2013!




24 Hour Ultra Skate to be held at Homestead-Miami Speedway on January 7th 2013. Race to start promptly at 9 a.m.  Ladies and Gentlemen- I offer you all the push racing you can handle or want in 1 earth rotation.  Skate a little or skate a lot, it’s up to you. How far can you go in 24 hours? Set a personal best or go for the World Record!

Join the Century club- 100 miles
Make the Elite 200 group- 200 miles
Become the World record holder – 250.4 miles!


This event is Friday Oct. 19th – The day before the Broadway Bomb in NYC — Registration closes at midnight Oct. 18th.

The current 1 mile record was set by Marc Juvinall at 3:46 during the Morrow Bay Mile last summer in California.  This time has already been beat by multiple NYC skaters in practice, and is guaranteed to be blown away the day of the event.  So even if you don’t make it into the race bracket it’s ok – you’ll know where you stand among the fastest push racers in the world!


2012 Pavedwave Events Calendar 


We would like to announce the date and location for the 2012 Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon.  It is confirmed to take place in San Diego, CA on October 20th.  Details to follow. 🙂


Moscow 2012 PUMP Marathon – Vlad Popov


09.06.2012 No Push, 100% Pump Marathon

Moscow 06/12 Pump Marathon Rules:

Yes: pump, rest with both feet on the board.

No: push, touch the ground.


“1/2 Marathon Hell Week”

The latest post in an inspiring and play-by-play Marathon skateboarding training blog by David Thornton.


RAPID MOVEMENT Marathon Skateboard Race

June 2, 2012 – Millenium Park – Grand Rapids, MI

The IDSA brings Distance Skateboarding to West Michigan on June 2nd, 2012 at Millennium Park in Grand Rapids, MI.

Rapid Movement is a set of timed distance races. Officials will honor World Record achievements in 1-mile, 3-mile, Half-Marathon and Marathon distances. Prizes will be awarded by our sponsors per age division and rank. This event is the 1st of it’s caliber in the state of Michigan and will attract some of the best distance skateboard athletes from around the world.

Registration will be Open at the event, sign up and go for a personal best!

More Details on their Facebook page!


July 13th-15th 2012. Whistler Olympic Park Challenge

Mainly DH but with some elements of uphill endurance. Nice to see the crossover evolution!

whistler longboard race 2012
“Skateboard Endurance Races are growing fast in popularity and operate like a fitness marathon”

Skate at the Fair MIAMI Florida!

1 and 3 Mile Skateboard Push Races

March 15th 2012


PUSH RACE to Feed The Homeless – Salem, OR

Saturday, March 10, 2012
11:00am until 2:00pm

Bonham st. Salem Oregon 97302

“Hey Everybody! We’re here to help the homeless from hunger. There is a large population of homeless in my city, they dont have lot of food for everybody. This is where we come in and help raise canned food for our local homeless shelter. This will be a push race from point A to point B, you have to find your own route there. Then it will transition into a freeride event at the finish line. Entry fee will be $5.00. I am getting some companies to help out with sponsoring, so they are generous enough to give me some stuff to give out to you guys, so please be generous with bringing canned food for raffle tickets. 3 cans of food for 1 raffle ticket. Please everybody theres a lot of people starving out there, we need to help them. The freeride event will consist of series of events; longest standie, biggest jump, steeziest trick, longest slide. Make sure to practice to show off what you got #swag! More info to come, and more companies to help out. Make sure you bring your helmet, gloves are recomended. Safety first everybody.”


2011 Pavedwave Events Calendar 

In 1979 – “In one of running’s most heralded ties, Tony Sandoval came across the finish holding hands with Jeff Wells in 2:10:20. ‘We were running together,’ says Sandoval, ‘At the finish, I just put my arm out and Jeff put his arm out. No words were spoken.'”

In 1981 – In that race, Norwegian (Inge Simonsen) and the other winner, American Dick Beardsley, intentionally crossed the finish line, in 2:11:48, holding hands in a dead heat.

In 2011 – HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF – this time on four wheels!

Proving the true spirit of distance skateboarding is alive and well in Florida — Paul Kent and Jeff Vyain cross the Finish together, sharing the 1st and 2nd prize purse!

Check out this amazing post-race play-by-play written up by Jeff Vyain, on the Bustin Blog.



Note: the paces and final times listed in the link above may be short of a full 26.2 miles. The GPS and full course travel verification is still being determined. More news as it comes!

Maribeth McHugh


SaraPaulshock and Cami Best


RobinMcGuirk, Jason Yerke, Paul Kent, Jeff Vyain, and Kiefer Dixon

Photos by David LeKach


1 David Mitchell

2 Brandon DesJarlais

3. Jed Johnson

LBL Night Race 2011

Salem, Oregon – Saturday, October 29 · 9:00pm – 11:30pm





1. Kiefer Dixon

2. Steven Sanchez

3. Robin McGuirk


1. Cami Best / Sara Paulshock (tie)

2. Danielle DeJesus

3. Katie Fry

900-1100 Estimated Skaters!


Andrew Andras – 230.4 miles in 24 Hours! (3rd place Worldwide)

24-Hour Ultraskate 17 – October 1st – 9 AM – Eugene Oregon

Andy Andras, the Florida firefighter who flew up with a plan for a world-record breaking skate, did his best to slam through the sheets of water and cold overnight temps that his body couldn’t have prepared for. Conan’s support crew who came over the night were awesome. Thanks Conan and Emma for hosting us!!

A recap and pictures on the pavedwave forum


Paul Brunninkhuis – Winner of the Holland Skateboard Marathon!

“…the finish of the First skateboarding-only marathon in Europe. Held in Amsterdam, Holland on Saturday October 1st. Winner Paul Brunninkhuis.” (from Flavio Badenes)

“Awesomeness yesterday, after a good race only a 0.7 seconds lead on Iemke and so the winner of the very first European skateboard marathon!!
Many thanks to Flavio for the well organised race and for his generosity! Much love for the other distance riders, especially Iemke, the french guys Alexandre Bangnoi, Christopher and Giovanni Barbazza, and Wagga crew Luuts, Lenn en Bas!” (from Paul)

Note the race times listed were from a 46km (28.58 mile) track. The adjusted race times would be about 10 minutes faster on an official 26.2 mile marathon.


Montreal’s 4th Annual PUSH race – October 1st!

The event will take place in Montreal, QC, Canada October 1st 2011. The meeting is at 9am and we expect the race to be over around noon. A BBQ will be waiting the riders at the finish line. Entry fee of 10$, BBQ included. The course and meeting point will be reavealed 1 week before the event.


SILVER COMET 2012 – May 11th – 13th!

The 2nd Annual Silver Comet Challenge — 188 miles from Georgia to Alabama, and back!

Details as they come… Here is the 2011 Facebook Page

188 miles over 3 days

Sign up will be on NCDSA Contest Calendar

Shots from the 2011 race on the Pavedwave forum


Puerto Rico Marathon on VelanunoTV!

Kiefer Dixon and Sara Paulshock STORM the thunderstorm

— in Puerto Rico!

Mens Top Five
1st Keifer Dixon 1:38:39
2nd Paul Kent 1:38:48·
3rd Jeff Vyain 1:41:56
4th Andrei Hippix 1:42:54
5th Billy Coale 1:46:09

Womens Top Five
1st Sarah Paulshock 2:01:20
2nd ·Cami Best 2:07:30
3rd·Anna O’Neill 2:08:12
4th Rachael O’Neill 2:20:52
5th Ishtar Backlund 2:21:11

Full results on Adrenalina, USADSA, and Silverfishlongboarding

Huffington Post photos!


Kiefer Dixon – 1st at the Shoekill!

August 14, 2011, Philladelphia, PA

Results coming soon on NCDSA



UK Goodwood Marathon goes off!

PDF Results from the Goodwood site

Tim Pritchard’s Goodwood experience – on the forum

Chris Vallendar’s Goodwood Musings blog


The Chief Ladiga / Silver Comet Sk8Challenge – 2011

WORLD’s 1st Skateboarding Stage Race

188-Mile Finisher RESULTS

On the pavedwave forum


Maribeth McHugh and Cami Best at the Finish

Racers Paul Kent and Conan Gay on the left

Supporter Jordan Evans on the right

20 racers Day1, 15 racers Day2, and 13 made the gauntlet of Day3. Paul astounded all with a 6:45 finish on the third day in near-100 degree heat. Conan launched from the gate and stayed with Paul for the first part of the morning, and just behind them was a “peloton” of Joshua, Jeff, Billy, Andrew, and James. Joshua split from this group and made his surge toward the front, then I felt the effects of heat and pace after a couple hours and pulled back a notch, reducing the peloton to three. Jeff, Andrew and Billy stayed together until Cedartown where Jeff committed himself to a faster pace — and note he was also on the injured list!! By the end, things turned around quite a bit with everyone in the top six throwing down hard.

Greg Feiss pumped to a fast finish on Day1 (as one-day racer), Luke Ayata knocked out most of Day2, with Mario Trujillo pulling him out of a near-exhaustion situation, and a badly injured Marion Karr still had a few pushes to send us all off on Day3. Chadd Hall buttboarded to a 1st day finish with a patented upper-body rubber-sole technique you’ll have to ask him about!

Cami Best aiding an injured Maribeth McHugh all the way to the last day’s finish summed up the true spirit of the weekend. Unforgettable.

Thank you Marion Karr, Skanunu Ken, Rockmart EMT, Chadd and Georgia Hall, all the sponsors who donated time and schwag — and everyone else who supported this amazing, EPIC race!!!



On Pavedwave Forum


Adrenalina Marathon


THE $10,000 MAN, Jeff Vyain

shares some humble racing insights and distance stoke in a interview—

Congrats again Jeff!!



ADRENALINA 26.2-Mile Skateboard Marathon 2011

Men’s Overall

1st – Jeff Vyain – $10,000
2nd – Theseus Williams – $5,000
3rd – Andrei Bublikov – $2,500

Women’s Overall

1st – Sara Paulshock
2nd – Melanie Castro
3rd – Maribeth McHugh



3-day Stage Race, May 2011

On the pavedwave forum

And write-up by Jeff Vyain on the BUSTIN BLOG


Vancouver Vixen III

– March 27th, 2011 – Vancouver WA!


Rat Rod NYC: Warriors Race 2011

March 12, 7pm Start @ VanCortland Park


SKAITI 24-Hour Ultraskate for Haiti – Spring 2011, UK

Jo Coles sets the new Women’s Utraskate bar the week before: 138 MILES!



PUSH THE POINT RACE – September 2009

details here

NWLB forum chatter here


OLY ROLLY, Olympia, WA, 8:30 AM – June 1st 2008



Mercer Island to Beacon Hill and back, Seattle WA

Details on NWLB forum


3rd annual King Of the Forest, Vanc CA

It is a 20 km endurance race which runs through the scenic Seymour Demonstration Forest. It runs up and down hill with racers reaching speeds up to 55+km/h in the downhill parts.


The Night Race Boone to Bush, Salem OR – 2007

When: 9-22-07
Where: Meet at lower parking lot Bush park
Time: 9pm for sign in Race at 9:30pm

The route is 6 miles of night riding with 4 downhill sections a couple parking lots to go thru and one long uphill section. This is an outlaw race so there are cars to watch out for, some smooth pavement, some not so smooth. This is a pretty mellow run and if you can foot brake you can handle it. The finish line is the finish line on the Soap Box Derby track in Bush park.

The course was marked with glow sticks so you can find your way and don’t have to memorize the map.
This is an outlaw race and HELMETS ARE REQUIRED and if there is a bike lane we need to stay in it. Also if you have light use them. The more everyone obeys traffic lays the more likely we will be able to complete the race with out police intervention and be able to continue to have races.

Everyone will get a ticket and the prizes will be raffled off at the end.
So no matter how you do as long as you complete the course you could win a prize.



It might not considered “distance” boarding, but 3+ minute runs down the butter smooth, hairpin turns of Maryhill near Goldendale WA means some burning quads!!

I was able to attend only the last day, but got to witness some of the fastest DH racers worldwide, and met a number of people I’d previously known only in the online world. K-Rimes in particular is one of the most chill dudes especially for a guy that’s used to travelling speeds of 60mph++. If Bricin’s band “Loose Tooth” is a mainstay, I’ll go just to see that again.

A few pics follow–


“The Portland Pusher began in 2003 to showcase skateboarding as a way of transportation, and as a test of skill and endurance. Since then, it has evolved into a series that includes 2 races per year- 1 in the winter and 1 in the summer. Each race has a unique course. The route will be posted on August 12th.”


1st Annual ROGUE LDP Race

Alberta, Canada!!!

The prairies are home to the flatlanders, but who has the best flatland legs out there? Twenty kilometers of Edmonton’s scenic bike paths, a real test of endurance, will decide. Saturday, August 18th, we’ll all push for the fastest time.

Up for grabs? TONS of gear, and bragging rights! Sponsored by big-name brands and by Edmonton community shops, the top riders are leaving with sore legs and hands full of swag. Draws and side contests too! As the first fully sanctioned skateboard race in Edmonton we’re pulling all the stops to make future events possible.

This is a charity event with all of the proceeds going to a charity chosen by the winner. Come out and have a good time, good karma and to win some gear!


Goodwood Roller Marathon, UK

26-mile marathon hosted by inline skaters — the UK distance longboarding group is growing!!

Goodwood website

Photo Galleries of the Marathon


Barney Bezemer, Marathon Skate from the Netherlands!

Barney sent me this article in August 2006.

I don’t have the translated version but I know he’s pushed some serious marathon miles!!

“..Good to see that I am not the only one! I have a question. Every year
I ride (as a old skool 42 year veteran….) a marathon over 50
kilometers. My best time so far was 2 hours and35 minutes. I have try
to pump as well, but the normal way and step over from one leg to
another every minute is the fastest for me. Now I have the feeling I
can go faster. …”




It was FLAT and FAST — we weren’t planning to race it hard, then these new guys Rob and Tony showed up pushing like madmen from the start, and we were off! Tony and Blake made the pilgrimage from clear across the state of WA, and Matt Stickle came up from south of Salem OR for his 2nd year in a row.

Seth and Aaron rode the 13 miler and sprinted to a PHOTO finish, just hundreths of a second from each other!

The week after, everyone was discovering muscles they didn’t know existed. It was a great day for it, capping off one of the last distance races in the Seattle area for 2006.

Final Results


1- Peters – 01:53:36
2- Koch – 02:02:46
3- Baird – 02:03:18
4- Munson – 02:15:11
5- Stragier – 02:32:38


1- Erbeck – 01:29:57.33
2- Zeichner – 01:29:57.57
3- Stickle – mystery time

$11,000 was raised to support Multiple Sclerosis of King County Association. There are a lot of costs for the event which is organized and supported primarily by the inline skate community, with cash donations by a number of companies totalling $5500.



2006 Seattle Solstice Skate

Written by MalakaiKingston
Thursday, 22 June 2006

The sky was blue, the pavement was smooth, and carbon fiber was glistening everywhere. The official Seattle Solstice Skate is a sanctioned, in-line skating event that had been highly anticipated for a ride-along by the local longboard crews. But, the organizers cancelled it without explanation just days prior to the event. Not to be deterred from a chance to get together, nine longboarders showed up early Sunday morning at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington for a ride of their own and the SSS happened, anyway! …

…continued on…

NCDSA Results Page!

13.1 miles:

1st Munson: 56:23

2nd – Peters: 58:00

3rd – Westberg: 1:06:18


2005 SEATTLE SOLSTICE, Homeless benefit

13 and 26 MILES – June 19th 2005 – Seattle Solstice Skate, benefitting the Fremont Public Association’s annual benefit for the homeless and poverty-stricken.

Raced the 13- and 26-mile rides on the Burke — Eric Westberg clocked 1hr 9min on the 13m, and Peters with 2hr 10+min on the 26m.

Munson shot for an all-pump, no-touch ride and almost pulled it off!

2.10:39.6 Peters 26mi Skate
2.47:24.4 Munson 26mi Skate
1.09:37.2 Westberg 13mi Skate
1.36:26.3 Meyer 13mi Skate
1.37:14.8 Sean 13mi Skate


2005 MS SKATE- 12 or 24.7 MILES – JULY 31


1st Place Finisher: 25m Peters / 12m Westberg
2nd Place Finisher: 25m Munson / 12m Dycus
3rd Place Finisher: 25m Stickle / 12m Brighton

Munson – undoubtedly a World Record! 25miles without touching foot to ground! Escorted by two bicycle riders across traffic signals and scouting before big hill approaches.

Stickle – STOKE award, convinced his family to bring him on 7 hour drive for the event.

$1100 donation from AOL Seattle/pavedwave to MSA

The MSA is a very well respected local, non-profit voluntary service organization which promotes the well-being of people with Multiple Sclerosis and assists them to live as independently as possible in their communities.

On Silverfish



2004 UW Med Center for Cancer Research

Sept. 19th, 2004 at Redhook Brewery, approx 6-8 miles longboarding for ‘UW Medical Center Fund for Breast Cancer Research’. AOL Seattle/pavedwave pitched in $1100 to this cause, including registration of 11 Seattle employees.


2004 MS SKATE- 24.7 MILES

August 8th, 2004 from Marymoor to Gasworks (24.7 miles) — with a generous donation and participation from AOL Seattle/pavedwave — raised $1025 for Multiple Sclerosis of King County in the “MS Skate or Walk” event.



Competitive events are not always synonymous with hard-core racing. For many of us events are mainly a great excuse to skate together. Runners and bikers know that it’s the average Janes and Joes who make their scene grow. Why else could events like the Boston Marathon attract 40,000 “racers”? The vast majority of our distance skateboarding podium champs over the last decade are well-rounded skaters who skate street, parks, vert, pools, downhill, and slalom. Skate fast and skate hard – at the end of the day it all comes back to the brotherhood of skateboarding.

Send me your submissions for upcoming races and I’ll post them to this page!


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